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Project/Location   Project/Description
Market Place
Boston, MA
  Review of Plans & Construction Layout Documents for a Building Encroachment Lawsuit
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Appellate Tax Board
Expert Witness Testimony for a Flood Plain Tax Abatement Hearing
Freetown, MA
65 Spring Street
Lunenburg, MA
  Boundary Survey Right of Way Expert Testimony, Superior Court, Worcester, MA
203-208 Millbury Street
Worcester, MA
  Site Survey & Court Exhibit Plan Land Court Lawsuit Crime Scene
337Acton Street
Carlisle, MA
  Boundary Survey for Boundary Dispute Land Court Lawsuit
State of Indiana vs. Pfeiffer
Shriner Lake
Whitley County, IN
  Topographic Survey & Expert Witness Testimony Wetlands Encroachment Lawsuit
Indiana Kentucky
Ohio River Boundary
  Consulting Ancient Record Review State Boundary Dispute Lawsuit
Seats vs. BMW
U.S. Route 50
Seymour, IN
  Accident Site Survey Court Exhibit Plan for Product Liability Lawsuit
RCA Plant
Bloomington, IN
  Accident Site Survey for a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Brooks vs. State of Indiana
U.S. 31 Bypass
Carmel, IN
  Property Line & Right-of-Way Survey, Expert Witness Testimony, Severance & Taking Compensation Lawsuit
City of Noblesville
9th Street Garage
Noblesville, IN
  Property Line & Topographic Survey, Expert Witness Testimony, Well Contamination Lawsuit

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