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Firm History
CABCO CONSULT was originally founded in Indiana in 1971 as the C. A. Budnick Surveying and Mapping Company, which later merged with the Robert Scherschel Company of Indianapolis. When the Robert Scherschel Co. discontinued operations in 1980, CABCO CONSULT was formed for the purpose of providing continuing service for the former Scherschel and C. A. Budnick clients.

In 1985, CABCO moved to Massachusetts where it initially operated on a part-time basis. In 1990, CABCO began full-time operations in Clinton, MA and since 2002, has been headquartered in a state of the art facility at 94 Main Street in South Lancaster, MA.

To ethically and responsibly deliver a comprehensive range of professional consulting services as they pertain to the identification, location, measurement, assessment, management and alteration of the land and its resources.

Service Area
CABCO's service area includes all of Massachusetts. Services are also provided on a project-by-project basis throughout the New England states, as well as the state of New York.

Facilities and Equipment
CABCO's office is located in a state-of-the-art 2800 s.q. facility which is equipped with eight (8) networked computer workstations running well-known CAD and GIS software packages.

Field crews are equipped with the latest technological gear, including: total stations, precise global positioning equipment; hand-held computers and electronic data collection equipment; cell phones and two-way radios.

CABCO's services are provided by a highly experienced and educated, in-house staff of licensed professionals, project managers, and technicians supplemented by a consortium of highly qualified professional consultants.

Consortium consultants include traffic engineers, landscape architects, photogrammetrists, foresters, geologists and environmental scientists, as well as title examiners and computer specialists.

Consortium resources are selected on the basis of their professional qualifications, experience and reputation, combined with their versatility and ability to provide service in a timely manner. All have been pre-qualified before being utilized on a CABCO project, and all are under contract with CABCO.

This unique blending of resources through the application of strong project management skills results in CABCO's ability to deliver a very comprehensive, high quality, cost-competitive, professional service.

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In Depth Experience
CABCO and its predecessor companies have an extensive amount of experience on a wide range of projects. Surveying projects have included: significant boundary and title insurance surveys; the geodetic control and aerial mapping of extensive areas; a wide range of route and site design surveys for civil works projects, as well as numerous architectural and engineering site design surveys for residential, institutional, commercial, industrial and public projects.

Construction layout experience includes: dams, bridges, streets, highways, sewers, sewage treatment plants, and environmental remediation projects, as well as numerous structures and facilities for residential, institutional, commercial, industrial and public projects.

Design and Environmental Consulting projects have included: large residential developments, residential waterfront developments; commercial and industrial site developments; park and recreational facilities; various cemeteries and memorial parks; flood plain and wetland delineations; drainage and hydrogeological studies; environmental site assessments; and septic system designs.

Quality Workmanship
Since 1971, CABCO has been doing quality work, and we wouldn't do it any other way. Our personnel are taught that there is only one way to do the job and that is to do it right, even if it means a loss of income. We stand behind our work, and in the unlikely event that a mistake is made, we will promptly correct it at no cost to the client.

Representative Clients of CABCO and its predecessor companies include:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
City of Indianapolis
State of Indiana
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Air Force

GTE - Sprint
Indiana Bell Tel. Co.
Indiana Gas Co.
Indiana Public Service Co.
Liberty Operating Co.
Shell Oil Co. Pipelines

Pepsi-Cola Co.
Wendy's International
McDonald's Corporation
Pizza Hut

Melvin Simon, Assoc.
Edward J. DeBartolo Co.
Homart Development Co.
American Lakes & Land Co.

Realty Investment Co.
Continental Realty Co.
Equitable Life Assurance Co.

Clark University
Massasoit Community College
UMASS Health Systems
Indiana University
Muscatatuck State Hospital

Ford Motor Co.
General Motors Co.
U-Haul Corp.
Penn Central Corp.

NEC Technologies
Digital Equipment Corporation

S E A Consultants
Woolpert Consultants
Parsons Engineering, Inc.
Fluor-Daniel GTI, Inc.

Ticor Title Ins. Co.
Lawyers Title Ins. Co.
Chicago Title Ins. Co.
Safeco Title Ins. Co.

Wachusett Chamber of Commerce

CABCO personnel are safety trained and maintain qualifications for work on Hazardous Waste Sites in accordance with OSHA requirements under 29 CFR 1910.120.

CABCO is a financially responsible company and upon request will be pleased to provide a Certificate of Insurance for Professional, Business, and Worker coverage's, upon the engagement of its services.

P.O Box 14 - Clinton, MA 01510
Telephone #: (978) 368-1591 -- Toll Free #: (800) 675-1591 -- Fax #: (978) 365-7419

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